This photo was taken by German guests who stayed
with us and who could not quite believe the number of Cavaliers !
Edwina refused to co operate and had slunk off hence her absence !

I have been lucky enough to have shared the company of a Cavalier since 1973! Our first Cavalier, Rowley, was bought as a pet for our family by my mother one Easter. He was a Blenheim and a very well bred boy coming from the Sunninghill kennel of Miss Pam Turle; his grandfather was the esteemed Sunninghill Aloyisius, the top winning dog of his day.

Miriam, Korolevsky Anna Akhmatova

Rowley had a long and happy life and lived until he was well over 17 making him one of Bet Hargreaves 'Longest recorded Living Cavaliers'. After his sad demise, well actually two weeks after as I missed having a Cavalier so much, I bought my first Tricolour bitch, Polly who was a Yorkshire Lass having been bred in Laycock just above Keighley. She was the complete antithesis to Rowley being a very particular character and also being very devoted to me or whoever was looking after her. This took the pattern of having to take, guard and sleep on one's possessions. She looked very funny dragging my Wellington boot upstairs and even funnier when she stayed overnight with some friends and insisted carrying the poly bag with my jumper out for her walks.

Polly had the first litter that I have ever bred, four Tris and two Blenheims, four bitches and two dogs. That was in 1990 and here I am in 2005 having bred ten litters and also being painfully aware how difficult it is to breed the perfect show dog!! It is like an endless puzzle, you get one bit right say good pigment and then the mouth goes inexplicably undershot or you think you might have cracked it when you find that your dog really does not enjoy showing and looks bored or fed up.

Tricolour litter

My affix is Russian, hence the KC Russian names. I despaired of finding an affix that the KC would accept and as a last resort asked my eldest daughter who was visiting if she could write down some Russian words as she is a Russian scholar. Korolevsky is Russian for royal and seemed to be appropriate even though Rosamund did not approve because it is the masculine version and should be declined as Korlevskaya for the girls.

News of the Korolevsky Girls

Edwina , who is great granny to my youngest Imogen
All the girls are well and getting older ! Edwina, the great grandmother to my youngest KOROLEVSKY OKSANA , known as Imogen, is 12 1/2 years old. She spends a lot of time dozing gently but has good timing as her clocks go off when it is biscuit time. Next up in the age stakes is Deranmar Emily who will be 10 in May but still behaves like a puppy when a lead is produced. She "owns" my husband and is never far from his side and when he goes out tries to find a jumper or shoe to sit on ! Both these girls have heart murmurs but clear lungs and no cough.

KOROLEVSKY NATALYA, Dinah, to her friends, is now 8 ¼ . She has designated herself to be the family greeter because whenever anybody she hasn't met or seen for some time comes to the house, she greets them with whoops of joy, wagging tail and absolute delight. Most of them are very flattered and I don't have the heart to tell them this is what she does to everybody else as well ! Dinah has a clear heart and earned herself a VHC in Veteran bitch Class recently at the Southern Club Champ Show. She hadn't forgotten how either and it took me back to when she was 13 months old and she won RBIS at the Worthing Open Show under a Gundog Judge who admired her movement and construction.

Eldest grandson George with my 2 Blenheim puppies and their mum

KOROLEVSKY ANNA AKHMATOVA , Miriam, is now 7, just as gorgeous to look at with such a pretty head and sweet expression but she is the chief delinquent when it comes to stealing anything she can get her jaws around ! I foolishly left a wholemeal loaf in it's bag on the kitchen table for a few minutes when I answered the phone only to find that Madam had jumped on to the table and all of them were having a merry time chewing away at it on the floor ! Miriam delighted me with a successful second place in the same Veteran Class as Dinah and showed beautifully for Mary Cunningham who came to my rescue when my Dog Minder, who came to the Show, wasn't up to showing her.

KOROLEVSKY ZVIOZHDOCHKA JW Kirsty is now 5 ½, a dear loving sweetheart who is never happier than when she is very close to me. She is having a rest from the show ring as she worked so hard for me when she was younger. A very greedy thief as well she has been known to help herself to dog food on the odd occasion when the larder door wasn't properly shut with dire consequences, great thirst and frequent night visits outside to the garden ! This is dealt with c/o lots of broccoli , carrot, apple and hardly any food plus several very long walks to restore her figure and insides back to normal !

KOROLEVSKY OKSANA Imogen is now 18 months old. A very active busy girl who keeps an eye on who is allowed in her garden, squirrels, parakeets, magpies and pigeons are quickly seen off. She likes to curl up on a special blanket on top of the sofa cushions behind my head. Imogen has done very well indeed in the ring, last year gaining six 1st places at Championship Shows, 3 Best Puppy Bitch and was rarely unplaced. She gained her KC Junior Warrant in January and this year has not been too bad either as she has won 3 2nd places, one at the Club Ch Show and one at Crufts in a large class of 27 ! She adores her walks and if she thinks it is time, will go and pull down a lead or two from the place where they are kept in the hall.

All the dogs lead healthy active lives, are never left on their own for long as Derek my 81 year old Dog Minder likes nothing better than spending time here with them on his lap. They all have the best of temperaments and regularly spend time with my grandchildren playing happily. My Vet Tim sees them generally once a year for their check ups and they just love going to see him and getting his special treats.

5 girls resting after a walk hence unkept look !

Because I am showing Imogen I have not planned any litters this year because it is difficult to travel distances for long periods of time when there is a litter of young pups to look after as well.

Korolevsky Cavaliers

A previous 7 week old litter  to Korolevsky Zviozhdochka by Champion Ricksbury Royal Escape

Hilary Bartlett on behalf of

Edwina, Emily, Dinah, Miriam, Imogen and Kirsty who make up the Korolevsky gang.

Richmond, Surrey

E mail : hilbart@btinternet.com