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UK Championship Show Dates 2017



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Boston + District 8th Jan Mr R Morrison Mr R Morrison 18th Nov
Manchester 20th Jan Mr T Mather Mrs P Craig 7th Dec
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 4th March Mrs L Hughes Mrs G Baker 16th Jan
Crufts 10th March Mr F Kane Mrs L Gillhespy 9th Jan
UK Toy Dog 25th March Mr P Hill Mrs T Homes 13th Feb
Southern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 1st April Mrs C Li Mr P Hill 25th Feb
Eastern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 8th April Mr C Cortes Mrs J Montford 28th Feb
West Of England Ladies Kennel Society 29th April Mrs M Wiggins Mrs M Wiggins 15th Mar
Birmingham National 7th May Mrs R Banks Mrs R Banks 15th mar
Scottish Kennel Club 19th May Mr P Lovell Mr P Lovell 28th mar
Bath 26th May Mrs R Parry Mrs R Parry 24th Apl
Southern Counties
2nd June
Mr K Jarvinen Mr K Jarvinen 18th Apl
Three Counties Show 9th June Mrs M Attwood Mrs M Attwood 21st Apl
Humberside Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 11th June Mr J Finlay Marilyn Madigan 16th may
Border Union 18th June Dr A Paloheimo Dr A Paloheimo 2nd may
Blackpool 23rd June Mr E Engh Mr E Engh 2nd may
Windsor 30th June Mrs M Rees Mrs M Rees 10th may
East of England 9th July Mr A Wight Mr A Wight 19th may
Joint CKCS Club 15th July Mrs C Ackroyd Mr S Goodwin 26th June
Leeds 23rd July Miss T Ireland Miss T Ireland 24th June
Northern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 6th Aug Ms M Hogan Mrs J Sheard 26th June
Paignton 8th Aug Mrs E Cooper Mrs E Cooper 14th June
Bournemouth 12th Aug Mrs S Williams Mrs S Williams 3rd July
Welsh Kennel Club 18th Aug Mr R Paterson Mr R Paterson 26th June
Scottish Kennel Club 26th Aug Miss D Hunter Miss D Hunter 3rd July
Birmingham City 1st Sept Mrs G J Lilley Mrs C Roe 10th July
Richmond 8th Sept Miss M Morrison Miss M Morrison 17th July
Darlington 17th Sept Miss L Tarabad Miss L Tarabad 18th July
Northern Ireland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 23rd Sept Ms S Maclaine Ms S Maclaine  
Belfast 24th Sept Ms T Engel Ms T Engel 15th Aug
Driffield 1st Oct Mr B Rix Mr B Rix 25th July
South Wales 6th Oct Mrs J C Portingale Mrs J C Portingale 25th Aug
Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 21st Oct Mrs S Ireland Mr M Forte 23rd Sept
Midland Counties 28th Oct Mr M Smith Mr M Smith 11th Sept
South and West Wales Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 5th Nov Mrs Sue Smith Ms M Fox 9th Oct
West of England Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 18th Nov Mrs E Venier Mrs E McInally 18th Oct
Midland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 26th Nov Mr M Hegarty Mrs J Barraclough 21st Oct
Ladies Kennel Association 9th Dec Mrs M Newton Mrs M Newton 16th Oct