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A guide for Prospective "Cavalier" Owners

We are grateful to the Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society for supplying us with their "Cavalier Owners Guide" where you can read about advice on buying a puppy, health issues and suitable books to study.

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a happy outgoing, loving little dog who will get along well with children, other dogs and cats.

They are not kennel dogs and because of their long association with their owners and development as a lap dog they make wonderful companions.

The " Cavalier " is a direct descendant from the small spaniels of the 16th Century of which King Charles II was very fond. There are many paintings of toy spaniels as lap dog companions showing a small dog with a flat head, high set ears and a rather pointed nose.

Over the years the breed evolved into what we know today as the King Charles Spaniel or English Toy Spaniel., with a domed skull, low set ears and a short nose.

Breeders then started searching for stock which resembled the older paintings and from the late 1920’s there was a revival of the breed with a fuller muzzle and the distinctive name Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The pages listed opposite are designed to give you advice on obtaining a Cavalier.