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For many people leaving their dog at a boarding kennel can be a very stressful event, more for the owners than the dogs. In most cases, any stress on the dogs is brought on by the owner's anticipation and worry. So finding a boarding kennel that you are comfortable with is most important and should not be left to the last moment.

On getting your new puppy or dog you should start thinking about choosing a boarding kennel even if you have no immediate plans of leaving your pet.

So how do you find that boarding kennel for your dog? First start asking around for recommendations. Ask your veterinarian who they recommend. Ask friends that you know who have dogs and leave them in a kennel. Find out where they go and if they are pleased with the services. Once you have your choices narrowed down, start calling around.

Ask the kennel operator about the kennels and their routines with the dogs. What are the sizes of the kennels? Are they indoor/outdoor runs? Are the kennels heated? Are they cleaned daily? How often are the dogs let out to go to the bathroom? Do they have a separate area for dogs to exercise? Can they walk dogs if necessary? What vaccinations are required? What do they feed the dogs? When? Can you bring your own food? What else are you required to bring? If your dog requires medications can they accomodate you? Do they understand the particular health problem that your dog may have and be able to deal with any associated problems? What vet do they use if your dog needs care? What are the kennel hours that you can drop off or pick up your pet? A good kennel operator should be open to answer all your questions and concerns.

One of the most important things that I recommend is for you to actually go and look at the kennels. Then you can see where your dogs are kept, that they are clean and comfortable and get a feel for the person who will be taking care of your pet. This will also help alleviate some of the anticipation on the actual day of drop off. You should not have to make an appointment to see the kennel either. Anytime during the kennel's regular open hours should be fine. I tend to be a little suspicious of that kennel that needs prior notice of your arrival during their hours as there should be no special preparation required for you to merely look at the kennel.

All of this should help you decide which is the best place to leave your pet and will help make the actual event more pleasant on everyone and allow you to enjoy your vacation without the added worry of how your dog is faring

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