Northern Ireland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

2015 Committee

  President :   Mrs Amy Nugent
  Chairman :   Robert Lamont
  Vice Chairman :   Kay Finlay
  Secretary :   Stephen Lyttle
  Treasurer :   Janet Patrick
  Show Secretary :   Michael O'Shaughnessy
  Cup Secretary :   Heather Lamont
     Committee :    
  Roberta Cooke   Cath Deddis
  Linda Morelli   Romano Morelli
  Kenny Stevenson   Ivan Thompson
Contacts Secretary   02881 662995
  Puppy Register -
Kay Finlay
  02890 851333
  Rescue -
Roberta Cooke
  02871 290534
  Health Rep -
  Contact Secretary

Donations of £400 and £150 respectively raised from Fund Raising events, were recently sent to Sarah Blott at the Animal Health Trust for SM research and Barbara Reese for Episodic Falling Down Syndrome research. The Club is especially indebted to Roberta Cooke and Cath Deddis for their sales table at shows and a fireside quiz on behalf of Health and Rescue funds.

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