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We try and take photos at some UK Championship shows and also rely on other Exhibitors to submit them.

For several years we used Fotopic to display the gallery and when they folded we switched to a different company Photobox. In August 2016 they ceased to provide a service and closed our galleries down.

We do still have the original files for shows since 2003.

For previous shows you will need to locate the show date and photo you need on this web site then email Steve and he will supply that one direct to you.

There are far more people taking photos at shows nowadays and uploading them to social media like facebook almost as soon as the results are known. We will continue to display a small selection of photos taken at shows on this website. If you do require a specific photo for say a yearbook advert then provided copyright credit is given we should be able to email you the image file on request. Contact Steve at the email address below.