Humberside 11th June 2017

Ellemich Im A Celebrity Harana Louis Prima
Ch. Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic Ellemich Kenzo at Kailyflee
Ellemich Im A Celebrity Carolus Felicitation at Beaconsfylde
Judge Mr J Finlay
Veteran Entry 8
1st Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale
2nd Ch. Kaishmar Kavanagh Loranka
3rd Bowcara Casanova
Vintage Entry 5
1st Kellorian Head Over Heels
2nd Bowcara Casanova
Minor Puppy Entry 13
1st Kinvaar Noqh Man That Can
2nd Ouzlewell Likely Lad for Almonroyd
3rd Trishine Celestial Dream with Finjaro
Reserve Toraylac Valentino
VHC Honeybet Heads Up
Puppy Entry 13
1st Harana Louis Prima
2nd Ellemich Kouros at Kailyflee
3rd Ricksbury Poldark
Reserve Granasil Vontrap
VHC Lanola Santos
Junior Entry 8
1st Ellemich The Sinner
2nd Lovetrac Fernando
3rd Granasil Vontrap
Reserve Chlojade Shooting Star
VHC Bowfort Bertie Wooster of Pepyswood
Yearling Entry 6
1st Leogem Renaissance
2nd Roll The Dice
3rd Willoheart Louis
Reserve Luphenex Lick And A Promis by Hearthfriend
VHC Kathysgirl Jaguar
Novice Entry 9
1st Harana Louis Prima
2nd Ricksbury Poldark
3rd Bowfort Bertie Wooster of Pepyswood
Reserve Beaudale Secret Dream at Sandusk
VHC Clopsville Mario of Pascavale
Graduate Entry 7
1st Chantismere Conquistador
2nd Charnell Hogan
3rd Christabelle Picasso
Reserve Kathysgirl Jaguar
VHC Sonella Heavenly Cream to Tomnil
Post Graduate Entry 7
1st Spindlepoint President
2nd Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss
3rd Stonepit Jubilation at Rucazan
Reserve Charlottetown Dylan Thomas
VHC Bowfort Touch Of Class for Charlottetown
Special Mid Limit Blen or Tri Entry 12
1st Kellorian Beyond A Dream
2nd Ellenaud Freddie Mercury
3rd Ellemich Konstantino of Narvidar
Reserve Korolevsky Luka
VHC Stonepit Jubilation at Rucazan
Special Mid Limit B&T or Ruby Entry 6
1st Bevelmount Red Beaujolais
2nd Narayden The Bruse in Poppywood
3rd Granasil Golden Nugget
Reserve Beaconsfylde Fade To Black
VHC Kathysgirl Jaguar
Limit Entry 11
1st Ellemich Kenzo at Kailyflee
2nd Cavaliegh Ice Man
3rd Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale
Reserve Scotlass Power Of Love
VHC Granasil Golden Nugget
Open Entry 12
1st Ch. Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic
2nd Ch. Harana Errol Brown
3rd Chantismere Push My Button
Reserve Miletree Joshua
VHC Ch. Loranka's Cupid JW
Judge Marilyn Madigan
Veteran Entry 11
1st Ch. Tusculana Carmella at Embeth
2nd Bevelmount Red Ribbons
3rd Brymarden Carolina Moon
Reserve Ryanmil Magic Flute
VHC Estrid Rosanna
Vintage Entry 3
1st Wyncilff Lady Karly of Beaconsfylde
2nd Peakdowns Penny Layne
3rd Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
Minor Puppy Entry 13
1st Kringleholme Seruna
2nd Brymarden Incognito
3rd Peakdowns Candice
Reserve Glebeheath Jezebel at Charnell
VHC Tillashby Miss Bussell
Puppy Entry 16
1st Ellemich Parisienne at Callyspride
2nd Harana Peggy Lee
3rd Beaconsfylde Salutation
Reserve Scotlass Paper Rainbow
VHC Hearthfriend Coco Lola
Junior Entry 10
1st Miletree Ophelia of Stavonga
2nd Charlottetown Summer
3rd Curious Crimson
Reserve Leogem Ginestraa
VHC Ouzlewell Margarita Time
Yearling Entry 9
1st Ellemich Im A Celebrity
2nd Clopsville Santa Suzana
3rd Salegreen My Delphinium for Ryanmil
Reserve Trirayne Kreem Kake
VHC Toyswood Blackstar
Novice Entry 13
1st Harana Peggy Lee
2nd Honeybet Pep C Kola
3rd Charnell Sweet Tea for Gayhalo
Reserve Clopsville Dixie
VHC Brigodee Mystical Magic
Graduate Entry 7
1st Brymarden Honeybun
2nd Lovetrac Knickerbocker of Salegreen
3rd Aristor Pink Topaz
Reserve Almonroyd Dreams And Wishes
VHC Salegreen Peony for Paulian
Post Graduate Entry 12
1st Ricksbury Royal Tapestry
2nd Hansowens Ebony Star
3rd Almonroyd Catch A Wish
Reserve Loranka's Turn The Magic On
VHC Honeybet Justa Minute
Special Mid Limit Blen or Tri Entry 11
1st Carolus Felicitation at Beaconsfylde
2nd Korraines Buttons N Bows
3rd Brymarden Honeysuckle
Reserve Middleshot Queen Of Light at Peakdowns
VHC Almonroyd Catch A Wish
Special Mid Limit B&T or Ruby Entry 8
1st Granasil Golden Mitzy at Rootessma
2nd Toyswood Blackstar
3rd Narayden Diva Fever at Hansowens
Reserve Toyswood Fenellas Legacy for Aldoricka
Limit Entry 10
1st Kinvaar La Cascada
2nd Clopsville Brooklyn
3rd Wandris Cute As A Button
Reserve Hansowens Ebony Star
VHC Ispahan Blue Bunting
Open Entry 8
1st Harana Kiki Dee
2nd Craigowl Keep In Touch
3rd Cavaliegh Honesty
Reserve Loranka's Kiss The Stars
VHC Granasil Golden Mitzy at Rootessma