Ellemich Im A Celebrity
Boston 10th January 2016 Mrs J Waller Minor Puppy 1st
Manchester 15th January 2016 Mrs L Gow Minor Puppy 1st
the Cavalier Club 5th March 2016 Mrs M Levey Minor Puppy 1st
Crufts Mrs L Hughes Minor Puppy 1st
UK Toy 26th March 2016 Mrs K Sandlan Minor Puppy 1st
Southern Cavalier Club 2nd April 2016 Mr A Vella Puppy 1st BP
Eastern Cavalier Club 9th April 2016 Mrs C Jenkins Puppy 1st BP
Northern Ireland Cavalier Club 1st May 2016 Mr M Li Puppy 1st
Joint CKCS ClJoint CKCS Clubs Sponsered by Northern Ireland Cavalier Club 1st May 2016 Mr K Town Puppy 2nd
National Dog 7th May 2016 Dr G Bodegard Puppy 3rd
Bath 27th May 2016 Mr D Ericsson Puppy 1st BP
Southern Counties 3rd June 2016 Mr S Bardwell Puppy 1st BP
Humberside CKCSC 5th June 2016 Mr S Martin Puppy 1st BP
Three Counties 12th June 2016 Mrs K McMurry Puppy 1st
Border Union 18th June 2016 Mr I Willey Puppy 1st BP
East Of Englsnd 2nd July 2016 Mr E Bishop Junior 1st
Leeds 9th July 2016 Mrs M Kendall Junior 1st CC
Northern Cavalier 7th August 2016 Mrs D Whitfield Novice 1st RCC
Paignton 9th August 2016 Mrs A Sedgbeer Junior 2nd RCC
Birmingham City 2nd September 2016 Mr A Allcock Junior 1st
Richmond 9th September 2016 Mrs M Mynott Junior 1st
Driffield 2nd October 2016 Mr G Thomas Junior 1st RCC
Midland Counties 28th October 2016 Mrs N Inglis Junior 1st
South & West Wales Cavalier Club 6th November 2016 Mr M Hegarty Junior 2nd
West Of England cavalier Club 19th November 2016 Mrs D Searle Junior 1st RCC
Midland Cavalier Club 26th November 2016 Mr D Crossley Junior 2nd

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