Mr G Davies
East of England 20th July CH. Aldachell Victoria Rose Linjato Spice Girl
Birmingham City 31st August 2001 CH. Leelyn Night Fever CH. Timsar Miss Chief
Manchester 10th Feb 2001 Loranka Moments Desire CH. Amantra Cloth Of Gold
Paignton CH. Coedgwylum Hot Flame Pascavale Alice
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 3rd March 2012 CH. & Ger Ch. Angelspride Gentleman Ch. Aranel Genesis
Midland Counties 27th October 2013 Stonepit Franco I Believe Ch. Harana Alfie Boe
Midland Counties 27th October 2013 Lanola So Like Shealagh Ch. Harana Cilla Black
WELKS 22nd April 2016 Ch. Loranka Cupid JW AM Ch. Brookhaven Believe It Or Not
WELKS 22nd April 2016 Jordanic Milana Ch. Avalcier Rouge