Mrs A Godwin
Birmingham City 1st September 2000 CH. Ricksbury Royal Temptress CH. Britannia of Pascavale
Welsh Kennel Club 17th Aug 01 CH. Loranka Celebration Wandris Show Boat
Border Union 14th June 2003 CH. Amantra Madonna Salinan Something Special
Belfast 27th September 2009 CH. Maibee Make Believe CH. Miletree Constellation JW
Belfast 27th September 2009 Maibee Roselyn at Lovetrac CH. Loranka Sherrie Baby
South Wales Kennel Club 14th October 2012 Ellemich Joe Malone at Marisk Dalvreck Dream On at Braemarra
South Wales Kennel Club 14th October 2012 Lochbuie Taken As Red Montcolly Hattie
Combined Club hosted by Midland Cavalier 12th July 2014 Bentwood Chloe of Forestcreek Delores Vom Kaninchengart by Aranel