Pennygown Madly Deeply
the Cavalier Club 5th March 2016 Mrs M Levey Special Graduate Blen VHC
Crufts Mrs L Hughes Graduate 2nd
UK Toy 26th March 2016 Mrs K Sandlan Graduate 2nd
Eastern Cavalier Club 9th April 2016 Mrs C Jenkins Mid Limit 1st
Northern Cavalier 7th August 2016 Mrs D Whitfield Graduate Reserve
Richmond 9th September 2016 Mrs M Mynott Graduate 3rd
Midland Counties 28th October 2016 Mrs N Inglis Post Graduate 2nd
West Of England cavalier Club 19th November 2016 Mrs D Searle Special Mid Limit Blen 2nd
Midland Cavalier Club 26th November 2016 Mr D Crossley Special Mid Limit Blen 2nd Score 31