Pennygown Ticket To Ride
Leeds 9th July 2016 Mrs M Kendall Minor Puppy 2nd
Paignton 9th August 2016 Mrs A Sedgbeer Minor Puppy 1st BP
Bournemouth 15th Auguat 2016 Mrs J Carr-Tomlinson Minor Puppy 2nd
Welsh Kennel Club 19th August 2016 Mrs V Barwell Maiden 3rd
Scottish Kennel Club 28th August 2016 Ms T Parsons Minor Puppy 2nd
Richmond 9th September 2016 Mrs M Mynott Minor Puppy 1st BP
Richmond 9th September 2016 Mrs M Mynott Puppy 1st
Belfast 25th September 2016 Mrs M Chapman Minor Puppy 1st
Driffield 2nd October 2016 Mr G Thomas Minor Puppy 1st BP
South Wales Kennel 9th October 2016 Mr G Inglis Minor Puppy 2nd
Scottish Cavalier Club 15th October 2016 Mr T Mather Puppy 2nd
South & West Wales Cavalier Club 6th November 2016 Mr M Hegarty Puppy 3rd
West Of England cavalier Club 19th November 2016 Mrs D Searle Puppy Reserve
Midland Cavalier Club 26th November 2016 Mr D Crossley Puppy Reserve Score 70