Wandris Gentle Reminder
Boston 10th January 2016 Mrs J Waller Yearling 2nd
Manchester 15th January 2016 Mrs L Gow Limit 1st
Crufts Mr M Forte Limit 2nd
Border Union 18th June 2016 Mr I Willey Open 2nd
Blackpool 24th June 2016 Mr R Haynes Limit 2nd
East Of Englsnd 2nd July 2016 Mr E Bishop Limit 3rd
Bournemouth 15th Auguat 2016 Mrs J Carr-Tomlinson Limit 3rd
South & West Wales Cavalier Club 6th November 2016 Mrs C Champion Special Mid Limit Blen 1st
West Of England cavalier Club 19th November 2016 Mrs H Edwards Special Mid Limit Blen 2nd

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