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Welcome to Cavaliers Co UK we hope you will enjoy your visit, this largely a historical site as we do not update it any more.

This site provides information to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners and prospective owners interested in the breed either for Showing or Breeding as reflected in the United Kingdom.

Breed Information

Are you looking to buy a Cavalier Puppy, then our 'Advice on buying a puppy' pages will interest you.

For details of all the Regional Puppy Register Co- Ordinators see our Puppy Register page. Or contact the Secretary of your Regional Cavalier Club

Find your local Rescue and welfare Co-ordinator for Cavaliers looking for a new home.

We have expanded our articles on Cavalier general and health issues which can be found at Articles.

Many people find it difficult to recognise the difference between Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and King Charles Spaniels. Read our article There Is A Difference

Regional Clubs

Find your nearest Regional Cavalier Club.

Check out all the news and events plus results from these Regional Clubs:


Shows and Results
Interested in the results from "UK Championship Shows. Gayhalo Results Service, show results from 2000 -2017 shows are available by clicking on the navigation menu on the left..

Latest Show Photos
Photographs from a selection of previous shows are listed under the various years in the navigation menu.

Want information on previous Championship Show Judges then search our judges list to see who they awarded CC's and RCC's too.

We feature previous Champions in the year they were made up see the navigational menu.

Search our directory of Cavalier owners and affix......

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The Royal Spaniels

The premier magazine for Cavalier and Charlie enthusiasts since 1995.

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